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Astra Film Festival 2017

Les films de Cannes@Astra Film Sibiu

Astra Film Festival Sibiu and Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest have the great pleasure to announce the presentation within the Sibiu Festival, as part of their new collaboration,  of a selection of documentaries which have received accolades at the latest Cannes Film Festival.

Both Astra Film Festival and Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest have been striving for some time to bring the best of cinema to Romania. Since our two festivals occur exactly at the same time this year, we have joined forces with the aim of presenting the Romanian audiences with the latest great documentary films from Cannes. Therefore, between 16 and 22 October, Les Films de Cannes will be in Bucharest as well as in Sibiu. 

Astra Film Festival (October 16th to 22nd) is one of the oldest and most prestigious documentary film festivals in Romania, presenting each year a selection of documentary films that illustrates of the richness and diversity of the genre. Following a realistic vision of contemporary society through the medium of documentary cinema, Astra Film Festival’s main value is to promote cultural and cross-cultural understanding and provide viewers with an intimate and detailed portrait of the human condition.
Les films de Cannes à Bucarest (October 13th to 22nd) was founded by Cristian Mungiu with the support of Mr. Thierry Frémaux and it is thought to be a special event where the most recent films premiered at the International Film Festival in Cannes can be promoted and presented properly, in the presence of their authors, to the Romanian audience. The festival combines artistic excellence with open talks in a relaxed atmosphere, where filmmakers discuss about their artistic views and films with the audience, students, professionals, journalists, public at large. Filmmakers like Abdellatif Kechiche, Jacques Audiard, Michel Hazanavicius, Amat Escalante, Gaspar Noé, Maren Ade, Olivier Assayas or Alain Guiraudie- and actors like Sandrine Bonnaire or Jacqueline Bisset have visited the festival in previous editions. 
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