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Don’t Breathe / Ține-ți respirația

Nino Kirtadze,  France 2014 86'

Editing: Christel Aubert
Sound Editor: Nikoloz Akhalala

Film Presentation:
DON’T BREATHE is a dark comedy set in Tbilisi, Georgia. It tells the story of Levan, a man in his forties, who is suddenly led to question his existence because of a routine medical examination. This apparently minor event turns into the complete reassessment of his life, as he finds himself caught in a downward spiral of paranoia and doubt as he fumbles his way through the theatre of the absurd that we call life. Then a serendipitous event occurs… Using a playful tone and humor, the film examines the psychological nature of mankind when our bearings get lost and our imagination takes over, highlighting our common fears, fragility, hopes and resilience. More subtly, the film is also a rather revealing metaphor of the current state of the country of Georgia, an ailing nation torn between tradition and modernity and the lure of Europe.