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Dragos Dulea, Anda Puscas,  Romania 2012 14'

Cinematography: Anda Puscas
Editing: Dragos Dulea, Anda Puscas
Music: Dragos Dulea
Producer: Dragos Dulea,  UNATC "I.L. Caragiale"

Film Presentation:
Drumul prin Stremt se sfârseste în munti. Însa, în 1989, satenii asteptau cu nerabdare tancurile armatei, teroristii si gloria. Azi, desi partial uitat, partial imaginat, trecutul e limpede ca lumina zilei.
• Best Short Award and Audience Award - Future Shorts, Bucharest, Romania, Apr 21st, 2012 • Audience Award for Documentary - Student Competition, goEast Festival of Central and Eastern European Film, Wiesbaden, Germany, Apr 18 - 24, 2012 • Nominated for Best Short Film, GOPO Romanian Film Awards, March 26, 2012 • Audience Award - ShortsUP Comedy Night, Bucharest, Romania, Jan 22, 2012 • Best Documentary Award and Audience Award - Filmul de Piatra 3.0, Piatra Neamt, Romania Jan 5- 8, 2012 • The 'Victor Iliu' Documentary Award - CineMAiubit International Student Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, Dec 5 -8, 2011 (screened as Work in Progress)
Director's Bio-Filmography:
Anda Puscas is a 23 year old enthusiastic Cinematography student at UNATC National Film School in Romania. With a background in painting and analogue photography, she is currently preoccupied with moody narration and suspense, often directing her cinematography exercises.Part time drummer, full time editor, Romanian Dragos Dulea has graduated from The National Film School of Romania. He has edited, sound designed and color graded a number of short films. He recently jumped the gun with "Donna Must Die" and "Stremt 89", his first forays into film directing.