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Manuela Frésil,  France 2011 59'

Cinematography: Jean-Pierre Méchin
Editing: Marc Daquin
Music: no
Producer: Catherine Bizern

Film Presentation:
Un film despre abatoarele industriale. Insa, de data aceasta, este vorba de oameni. O voce pe fundal descrie ranile, cosmarurile, suferinta fizica si mentala si perspectiva mortii inevitabile dupa pensionare. Un film despre obsesia productivitatii si incercarile sale de a transforma oamenii in masini.
Grand Prix de la compétition nationale a Marseille Prix du Public a Poitiers
Director's Bio-Filmography:
After philisophical studies, Manuela frésil works as a editing assistant for Jean Rouch. She integrated the FEMIS, editing section, in 1989. Her main works as a director are : 2010 "Les nuits de la préfecture" ( Every nights foreigners wait the opening of the préfecture to submit their files. The movie tells one of those nights ). 2005: "Si loin des betes" ( About the relation between humans and animals in industrial farms) 2005 : "Pour de Vrai " ( what tell little girls when they play with their Barbie dolls ). 1994 : "Terre neuva " ( The life of cod fishermens, told with their own amator films, letter, ad log books).
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