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Astra Film Festival

Arctic 360 / Arctic 360

2017 3'

Film Presentation:
După ani de temperaturi record, gheţurile arctice se topesc. În vara lui 2016, pasajul de nord-vest nu mai este blocat de gheaţă, iar vasele de croazieră ajung într-una din cele mai inaccesibile zone de pe glob. Iată un tur arctic prietenos cu mediul, pentru a vedea consecinţele acţiunilor oamenilor: o regiune a gheţii şi a zăpezii se schimbă, martor tăcut al încălzirii globale.
Film's Website: theguardian.com/vr
Director's Bio-Filmography:
Francesca Panetta - Executive Producer Francesca Panetta is a multi-award winning digital artist and journalist. She leads the Guardian’s virtual reality studio. 6x9: a virtual experience of solitary confinement was the Guardian’s first VR piece and won attention around the world as an exemplary case of story and form. The piece has toured 70 festivals and conferences including the White House, and used by campaigners and mitigation specialists in the US to show the psychological damage caused by isolation. Since then Francesca has also directed Arctic 360 (premiered at IDFA) and First Impressions (premiered at Sheffield DocFest). Francesca’s work at the Guardian has focused on innovation and storytelling. As special projects editor she commissioned and directed flagship pieces such as Firestorm, The Shirt on Your Back, the View from the Shard, The First World War: an interactive multilingual interactive documentary. In addition to her work at the Guardian, Francesca works as a sound artist specialising in binaural sound design and non-linear storytelling, usually in physical landscapes
Director's / Curator's Statement:
Arctic 360: discover a disappearing landscape