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Jilava Massacre / Masacrul de la Jilava

Alexandru Berceanu,  Romania 2016 6'

Producer: Alexandru Berceanu, Andreea Chindriș

Film Presentation:
Rabi Guttman este unul dintre puținii supraviețuitori ai împușcăturilor masive conduse de membrii Gărzii de Fier în Pădurea Jilava în timpul Pogromului din București. Mărturia lui despre pierderea fiilor săi și supraviețuirea lui miraculoasă sunt mediate de vocea actorului care te înconjoară în spațiul artificial generat de computer.
Director's Bio-Filmography:
Alexandru Berceanu is an independent director and cultural manager. He directed numerous theater performances in state and independent theatres which won national and international awards. He is a founding member of the dramacum NGO. Starting from his interest for new playwriting and extending performance areas Alexandru Berceanu collaborated at interdisciplinary projects as Immersive and Subversive Installation 1958-1958, the graphic novel Mickey on Danube or VR experience The Jilava Massacre. He worked as a TV series director and now he is working on VR experience, București 41 Tur Retur, started from theatrical time travel towards the Bucharest Pogrom, the audience travels through five locations in Bucharest in finding signs and echoes of the pogrom as well as other VR projects. His work is centred around discrimination, violence and consequences of politics at individual level. His performance “interface 3” was built on the interested on neuroscience. During the performance music was generated in real time from EEG through computing algorithms. He wrote and directed the play Skin Look based on a documentation process on Roma identity in Turkey and Romania. Alexandru Berceanu is currently the director of CINETic research center in digital interaction at UNATC IL Caragiale, where he works also as a researcher in MET project.