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Circles of Time / Cercurile timpului

Natalia Oliwiak,  Poland 2011 12'

Film Presentation:
Animația este o adaptare a douăsprezece picturi abstracte reprezentând lunile anului, o interpretare colorată a timpului și a schimbării anotimpurilor inspirate de structura Mandala.
Director's / Curator's Statement:
THE CIRCLES OF TIME – fulldome animation based on Natalia Oliwiak’s twelve abstract paintings about each month of the year, presented by the circles- symbol of a day. The animation is reviving of that paintings. It's an artistic interpretation about the time through the colorful circles, spread over four changing seasons, which were inspired by Mandala's structure. Relax as you drift away immersed in circles, sound and colors. Music composed by Jędrzej Rochecki.