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Astra Film Festival

Selectie 2018

1. 5 years after the war/Samuel Albaric, Ulysse Lefort, Martin Wiklund/France/2017/17 (Shorts 2018/ my origin/religion & ME)

2. A Bar at the Victoria Station/Dawid Leszek/Poland/2003/56 (Road to Europe)

3. A Letter to Dad/Srdjan Keca/Serbia, UK/2011/48 (Road to Europe)

4. A Polar Year/Samuel Collardey/France/2018/96 (AF Junior 2018)

5. A Young Mind/Dan Dimancescu/2018 (Challenged fates)

6. AFTER CHERENKOV/2016/35 (Full Dome)

7. After the Revolution/Laurențiu Calciu/Romania/2010/83 (Road to Europe)

8. Anni's Island/Julia Finkernagel/Germany/2017/24 (AF Junior 2018/6+)

9. Anniversary/Claudiu Mitcu/Romania/2017/54 (Romania 2018/ Mature View)

10. Balkan Champion/Réka Kincses/Germany/2006/86 (Road to Europe)

11. Because of Salt/Cardozo Basteiro/Spain/2018/23 (Shorts 2018/ Butterfly Effect)

12. Between Crocodiles and Paradise/Frank Feustle/Germany/2017/25 (AF Junior 2018/6+)

13. Brasov 1987. Two years too early/Liviu Tofan/Romania/2017/90 (AF Junior 2018/15+)

14. Caisa - Cinderella Kid/Alexandru Mavrodineanu/Romania/2017/81 (Romania 2018/ Against the ODDS)

15. Call Him President/Marie-Emma Paoli/UK/2017/30 (Docschool 2018/ Seeking the HOME?)

16. Caniba/Verena Paravel, Lucien Castaing-Taylor/France/2017/90 (Challenged fates)

17. Closer to the Stars/2015/34 (Full Dome)

18. Contraluz/29 (Full Dome)

19. Dacii liberi/Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan/Romania/2018/61 (Romania 2018/ Far-right near us)

20. Daiana/Ozana Nicolau/Romania/2017/25 (Docschool 2018/ Coming of age)

21. Dancing for you/Erlend E. Mo/Norway, Sweden, Denmark/2015/29 (AF Junior 2018/6+)

22. Dempsey the Diabetic Superhero/Kendall Goldberg/USA/2017/13 (AF Junior 2018/11+)

23. Dust/Jakub Radej/Poland/2017/25 (Shorts 2018/ Rites of Passage)

24. Easy Lessons/Dorottya Zurbó/Hungary/2018/78 (Central&Eastern Europe 2018/ Coming of age)

25. EXIT/Katharina Woll/Germany, Israel/2017/23 (Docschool 2018/ Motherhood)

26. Family Shots/David Sieveking/Germany/2018/93 (Beware! Parents on Board)

27. Film for Carlos/Byron Renato Borrayo Serrano/Russia, Guatemala/2017/31 (Shorts 2018/ Beware! Parents on Board)

28. Find Fix Finish/Sylvain Cruiziat/Germany/2017/19 (Our lives online)

29. Fitzcarraldo Syndrome/Laura Morales/Switzerland/2017/28 (Docschool 2018/ Against the ODDS)

30. Frozen Conflict/Steffi Wurster/Germany/2018/60 (Central&Eastern Europe 2018/ Surviving my homeland)

31. Girl on a Mission/Eva van Barneveld, Heleen D'Haens/Netherlands/2017/16 (AF Junior 2018/11+)

32. Golden Dawn Girls/Håvard Bustnes/Norway, Denmark/2017/94 (Far-right near us)

33. Havenofear/Jakub Gajdoš/Slovak Republic/2017/14 (Far-right near us)

34. Homo@Lv/Kaspars Goba/Latvia/2010/70 (Road to Europe)

35. Hugo/Wojciech Klimala, Mateusz Wajda/Poland/2017/80 (Central&Eastern Europe 2018/ Beware! Parents on Board)

36. I Am Another You/Nanfu Wang/USA/2017/82 (International 2018/ In a larger view)

37. If Objects Could Speak/Luiza Pârvu, Toma Peiu/Canada, Romania/2018/27 (Shorts 2018/ Butterfly Effect)

38. If Only There Were Peace/Carmine Grimaldi, Deniz Tortum/Turkey/2017/30 (Shorts 2018/ my origin/religion & ME)

39. Ink of Yam/Tom Fröhlich/Germany/2017/75 (Docschool 2018/ my origin/religion & ME)

40. It Was Tomorrow/Alexandra D'Onofrio/Italy, UK/2018/52 (Docschool 2018/ Seeking the HOME?)

41. Kendis/Bibi Fadlalla/Netherlands/2017/15 (AF Junior 2018/11+)

42. Licu, A Romanian Story/Ana Dumitrescu/Romania/2017/86 (Romania 2018/ Mature View)

43. Listen/Astrid Bussink/Netherlands/2017/15 (AF Junior 2018/11+)

44. Long Live Bulgaria/Adela Peeva/Bulgaria/2017/55 (Far-right near us)

45. Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle/Gustavo Salmerón/Spain/2017/91 (Motherhood)

46. Love Is Potatoes/Aliona van der Horst/Netherlands/2017/90 (Central&Eastern Europe 2018/ Challenged fates)

47. Ma/Maria Stoianova/Ukraine/2017/17 (Shorts 2018/ Surviving my homeland)

48. Maregrave/Justine Cappelle/Belgium/2017/25 (Docschool 2018/ In a larger view)

49. Marie/Letiția Popa/Romania/2018/25 (Docschool 2018/ Beware! Parents on Board)

50. Megaphone/Ruxandra Gubernat, Henry Rammelt/Germany, Romania/2018/56 (Romania 2018/ Against the ODDS)

51. Meuthen's Party/Marc Eberhardt/Germany/2017/93 (Docschool 2018/ Far-right near us)

52. Minding the Gap/Bing Liu/USA/2018/98 (International 2018/ Coming of age)

53. Mockup Wedding/Mihai Andrei Leaha/Romania/2017/41 (Romania 2018/Rites of Passage)

54. Monyo+Baba/Ibolya SIMÓ/Romania/2017/52 (Romania 2018/ Against the ODDS)

55. My father, Imre/Andreea Stiliuc/Romania/2018/38 (Docschool 2018/my origin/religion & ME)

56. My Happy Complicated Family/Tessa Louise Pope/Netherlands/2017/17 (AF Junior 2018/11+)

57. My Lost Russia/France/2004/52 (Road to Europe)

58. My Voina/Zora Čápová/Czech Republic/2017/29 (Docschool 2018/ Seeking the HOME?)

59. Nat, the adventurer/Guido Holz/Germany/2017/25 (AF Junior 2018/6+)

60. New Eldorado/Tibor Kocsis/Hungary/2004/76 (Road to Europe)

61. Nussbaum 95736/Csibi László/Romania/2017/51 (Romania 2018/ Mature View)

62. One Day in Aleppo/ALI ALIBRAHIM/Sweden, Syria/2017/24 (Shorts 2018/ Surviving my homeland)

63. One Girl/Rosa Russo/UK/2018/63 (AF Junior 2018/11+)

64. Our Song to War/Juanita Onzaga/Belgium, France/2018/14 (Shorts 2018/ In a larger view)

65. Our Street/Marcin Latallo/France/2006/52 (Road to Europe)

66. Password: Fajara/Sévérine Sajous, Patricia Sánchez Mora/Spain/2017/17 (Shorts 2018/ Seeking the HOME?)

67. PMR/Meelis Muhu, Kristina Norman/Estonia/2014/81 (Road to Europe)

68. Pride & Prejudice/Mirjam Marks/Netherlands/2017/17 (AF Junior 2018/11+)

69. Putin's Witnesses/Vitaly Mansky/Latvia, Switzerland, Czech Republic/2018/102 (Central&Eastern Europe 2018/ Surviving my homeland)

70. Remnants of a Conversation/Jules Leaño/UK/2017/16 (Docschool 2018/ my origin/religion & ME)

71. Sand and Blood/Matthias Krepp, Angelika Spangel/Austria/2017/90 (International 2018/ Surviving my homeland)

72. Sibiu 825/Dumitru Budrala/Romania/2017/26 (AF Junior 2018)

73. Social Animals/Jonathan Green/USA/2018/86 (AF Junior 2018/15+)

74. Solving My Mother/Ieva Ozolina/Latvia/2017/104 (International 2018/ Motherhood)

75. Srbenka/Nebojsa Slijepcevic/Croatia/2018/75 (Central&Eastern Europe 2018/ Surviving my homeland)

76. Tanzania Transit/Jeroen van Velzen/Netherlands/2018/75 (International 2018/ In a larger view)

77. Taurunum Boy/Jelena Maksimović/Serbia/2018/70 (Central&Eastern Europe 2018/ Coming of age)

78. The Cleaners/Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck/Germany, Brazil/2018/88 (Our lives online)

79. The Devil's Trap/Mitchell Stafiej/Canada/2017/95 (Beware! Parents on Board)

80. The Distant Barking of Dogs/Simon Lereng Wilmont/Denmark, Sweden/2017/90 (Central&Eastern Europe 2018/ Surviving my homeland)

81. The End/Vid Hajnšek/Slovenia/2017/74 (Docschool 2018/ Rites of Passage)

82. The Image You Missed/Donal Foreman/Ireland, France, USA/2018/73 (International 2018/ my origin/religion & ME)

83. The Last Yugoslavian Football Team/Vuk Janic/Netherlands/2000/83 (Road to Europe)

84. The Mayans' Cosmic Planners/2017/20 (Full Dome)

85. The Night/Steffan Strandberg/Norway, Belgium, Sweden/2017/64 (Motherhood)

86. The Residents/Cosmin Bumbuț, Elena Stancu/Romania/218/82 (Motherhood)

87. The Ship Of Gold/Siham Hinawi/Belgium, Canada/2017/25 (Docschool 2018/ Challenged fates)

88. The sun will rise/Gessica Généus/Haiti, France/2017/51 (Docschool 2018/ my origin/religion & ME)

89. The White World According to Daliborek/Vít Klusák/Czech Republic/2017/107 (Central&Eastern Europe 2018/ Far-right near us)

90. The Wolfpack /Crystal Moselle/USA/2015/84 (AF Junior 2018/15+)

91. They just come and go/Boris Poljak/Croatia/2017/20 (Shorts 2018/ Butterfly Effect)

92. Thinking like a Mountain/Alexander Hick/Germany, Colombia/2018/93 (International 2018/ Surviving my homeland)

93. TimeBox(Against the ODDS)

94. Toto and His Sisters/Alexander Nanau/Romania/2014/93 (AF Junior 2018/15+)

95. Unsettling/Iris Zaki/Israel, UK/2018/70 (International 2018/ Surviving my homeland)

96. Valea Jiului - Notes/Alexandra Gulea/Germany/2018/13 (Shorts 2018/ Beware! Parents on Board)

97. Varicella/Victor Kossakovski/Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia/2015/25 (AF Junior 2018/6+)

98. We are stars/2015/26 (Full Dome)

99. Wedding of the year/József Bán/Romania/2017/60 (Romania 2018/ Rites of Passage)

100. When the War Comes/Jan Gebert/Croatia, Czech Republic/2018/74 (Central&Eastern Europe 2018/ Far-right near us)

101. Yvonne/Tommaso Perfetti/Italy, France/2017/60 (International 2018/ Beware! Parents on Board)