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  • HAI SA DANSAM - Argentina, Bretania, Georgia, Finlanda, Italia, Cipru

    Little dancing-heroes from all over the world show us their music and folklore. Dancing is a vivid emblem of a country and a culture. In Europe, the USA, Africa, Asia and South America, melodies and the gestures that go with them are constantly present in daily life and in ceremonial occasions. The hero of each episode is a child dancer. We follow him in his daily activities, among them dance classes and rehearsals as well as preparing costumes. We also attend special events in the culture's folklore, as our escort performs in front of an audience. The child will then act as our guide in these typical festivals and ceremonial occasions. We will discover the “artists'” costumes, accessories, head-dresses and make-up. Beyond the folk element, each episode will focus on the story and the world of one child: his dreams, desires, artistic sensibility, and his first steps in what may, one day, become his profession. As music and dancing are wonderful direct ways of introducing children to different countries and cultures, this series uses dancing as a means of exploring a specific cultural universe. It provides young viewers with an informative way of better understanding other people, and respecting their cultures and differences. ...

  • HAI SA NE JUCAM Indonezia, Japonia, Franta, Ruanda, Olanda

    Japan Kotone, eleven years old, gets out of school every day at four o’clock and goes home with her friends. Before doing their homework, the three girls like to go to a theme park but their merry-go-rounds are a bit shaky and Kotone prefers more calm activities. The parents of Kotone suggest she make a traditional wooden toy, a kite. But it is not easy for a young girl and she will need help. Kotone loves calligraphy. She learns to draw a kanji, a symbol or letter to write on the kite her parents have given her. Like many Japanese children, Kotone is also learning martial arts and after her class, she goes to a café to read mangas. Kotone is a very active little Japanese girl and one of her favorite pastimes is the piano. She plays very well even though she is worried about her exam at the end of the year. But her biggest worry at the moment is the kite. Kotone loves artistic activities. She wants to learn origami. A little paper-folding lesson will allow Kotone to offer her cousin a gift for the Shin shi gosan festival. This festival is also the time to try out her new kite. She hopes it will fly! ...

  • Hello Stranger

    Povestea din acest documentar construit sub forma unui jurnal intim pendulează între familie, prietenie şi iubire. Autorul trăiește un moment bulversant, în urma căruia îți asumă cu hotărâre personalitatea, îi înfruntă pe membrii familiei sale care au păreri diferite despre viaţă şi devine liantul dintre persoanele dragi care, în afară de el, nu au nimic în comun unii cu alţii. Filmul se constituie într-o reflecţie pur personală asupra graniţelor dintre iubire şi sexualitate, a limitărilor religioase a şi a valorilor morale, într-o perpetuă căutare a libertăţii. ...